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FuturePPE Mesh Sports Face Mask with 5-Layer Carbon Activated Filter

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  • FuturePPE Mesh Sports Face Mask - are designed with unique breath system for better personal protection. Outer mesh mask shell enhance breathing performance, plus inner replaceable filter, which can blocks pollution like: exhaust fume, smog, pollen, dust etc.
  • Five- Layer Filters - Breathing face mask include one filter, which has 5 layers providing professional filtration. The first layer blocks large particles, the second activated carbon filter layer filter benzene, car exhaust. The third and fourth layer filter 0.03-0.3 microns of dust and particles. The fifth non-woven layer comfortable and breathable.
  • Double Strapping System - This reusable running mask is also designed well because it uses both a loop strapping behind the head, so there is no need to consistently readjust the mask or have it slip. The durable design ensure a comfortable and firm fit and prevents dust and other contaminants from penetrating the mask.
  • Large Variety of Uses - FuturePPE Sports Mask can be used for variety of uses such as: from mowing to running, cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities in extremely cold climates (if you have sensitivities to the cold when exercising). It works in filtering allergenic pollen. Besides, If you live in an area prone to forest fires, this dust mask can protect you from the smoke and ash. Lightweight design allows for more comfortable use.
  • Reduce Overheating & Fogging - Dual one-way Breathing valves allow exhaustion of heat and carbon dioxide easily, provide smooth breathing, prevent fogging and overheating exceptionally well. Designed with neoprene structure, makes it well-ventilated, breathable and quick drying. Useful for those who need to wear the mask for hours at a time. Please replace the filter every 8-15 hours if the mask is used extensively in heavy dusty operations, such as grain bins, construction/demolition, etc.
  • The Sports Mask filters that work with this mask are here

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Lashaun H. (Reseda, US)
Thank you

Wonderful! Fits great. Comfortable. It's apart of my everyday wear. Been covid, flu and cold free over 2 yrs.

Finlay H. (Mamaroneck, US)

It does the job

B.C. (Melbourne, US)

I work at a dump with dust 24/7 this mask is amazing. Just wish I could find out if it was washable

Hi they can be washed, just hand wash them in cold water, and leave them out to air dry. You can do the same for the filters, the filters will need to be replaced after a couple washes as they lose their effectiveness.

Rosemarie N. (Moscow, US)
better masking

I work on a campus where masking is barely a suggestion. These masks let me feel like I might have a chance of not catching the plague

Elizabeth H. (Seneca Falls, US)

Usually, masks make it hard for me to breathe... This one was a pleasant surprise! Definitely recommended!