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Top 10 Masks While Travelling Within USA

Top 10 Masks While Travelling Within USA

It is still necessary to wear a mask in public and maintain social distance. Covid-19 has affected people worldwide since 2020. The vaccines did bring us some hope however the many variants continue to be of concern making it essential for people to wear masks in public. This article explains the dos and don'ts of wearing a mask in public.

Dos wearing face masks

Wearing a mask is almost second nature these days since it is essential one takes necessary precautions. Even CDC recommends everyone wear a mask while in public and the medical staff take extra precautions. Here are some tips to wear face masks or cloth face covering while in public:

  • Always wash your hands prior to using the mask; using a sanitiser is a good alternative.
  • The best way to wear a mask is to ensure it covers the entire mouth and nose.
  • Select a mask that fits clearly over the chin and allows you to breathe easily.
  • Keep a mask on while in public if you are unable to maintain a distance of 6 feet from other people. 
  • Wearing a mask protects you as well as others from being exposed to the risk of infection.
  • Wash a reusable mask after each use and always dispose of one that isn't.

Don'ts of Wearing A Face Mask

  • Never put a mask on a child who is less than two years of age since it can affect their normal breathing.
  • Avoid putting a mask on unconscious people as well.
  • A mask is meant for the face to cover your nose and mouth. Do not place it around your neck or head.
  • Handle the mask with the ear loops and not the section of the mask that is covering your face.
  • It is not a good practice to wear a mask while exercising or being involved in strenuous activity since this can adversely affect you.

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It is vital people continue to wear masks while in public. However, there are certain dos and don'ts to follow when wearing a mask. This article provides instructions for wearing a face mask. Dr Medic is the best place to buy a mask online. There are a wide variety of masks to buy from this eCommerce website.

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