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Top 7 Masks To Stay Safe During Pandemic

Top 7 Masks To Stay Safe During Pandemic

The pandemic is far from over making it still essential to wear a mask in public. The various variants of the Covid-19 are still a cause for concern. Hence the CDC still recommends people wear masks.

This article provides more information on the types of masks you can invest in to remain safe from coronavirus like the washable face mask.

Top 7 Masks for Coronavirus

1. KN95 Face Mask: This is a certified mask fit for civilians offering 95% filtration. It is a special mask with 5 layers. It is a reusable mask, however, should ideally be replaced after being used 2 to 3 times. It has adjustable nose strips to make it more convenient to wear.

2. 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask: This mask is made from non-woven material and consists of soft and elastic ear loops. It is very comfortable to wear and is also available in popular colours like blue, pink, purple and white. This is not meant to be used as a surgical mask or medical mask and needs to be disposed of after one wears it.

3. 5 Layer Carbon Activated Filter Sports mask: This is a breathable face mask that is built with special valves to make it easier to breathe. It is in fact a sports mask with exhalation valves. It is fit for outdoor use as well as tenous sporting activities and includes a face mask filter.

4. Neoprene Sports Face Mask: It is available in various colours. It is a washable mask that is both safe and comfortable. It has been specially designed with comfortable earlobes hence can be worked daily.

5. Plaid Face Mask: This is an effective mask that is available in multiple Color’s. It consists of a filter pocket and is comfortable to wear.

6. Reusable Cotton Face Mask: This is a premium quality mask that is comfortable, secure, and breathable. It is also washable, reusable, soft, and flexible.

7. N95 Face Mask: This is a mask that is built to American standards and is recommended by CDC to be worn by the front-end medical staff.

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Coronavirus continues to be a concern with the many variants making it essential to wear a mask. There are many types of masks to choose from like KN95, KN95, Cotton masks, and several others.

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