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Use Discount Code "Save5" For 5% Off All Orders - Free Shipping On All Orders


Disposable Masks vs. Surgical Masks vs. Respirator Masks

Disposable Masks vs. Surgical Masks vs. Respirator Masks

All of us have had a good education at using personal protective equipment like a washable face mask during the global pandemic. The vaccination programs have been successful at bringing some level of normalcy. However, with the COVID-19 variants; there is again a need to take appropriate precautions. This article provides more information on the top 10 masks.

Importance To Wear a Mask

Masks are effective against the COVID-19 variants as well hence it is essential to invest in a good set of masks. Surgical face masks are usually meant for medical personnel and not normal wear. It is important to maintain social distance and wear masks, especially when travelling like the face mask with filters.

Top 10 Masks for Travel

 1. KN95 Face Mask
 2. Disposable Face mask
 3. 5Ply - 5 Layer Mask
 4. Kids face mask
 5. Active use disposable face mask
 6. Standard Disposable Face Mask
 7. 3ply face mask
 8. Colourful Disposable Face Masks
 9. Neoprene Sports Face Mask with Premium Filter
10. 5 Layer Carbon Activated Filter Sports

Benefits of Buying Masks Online

It is more convenient to buy masks online than personally visiting a store. This way one does not have to spend the time and money to travel to the store. It is unlikely that you will find the best mask you are looking for in the first store you visit.

It might often mean having to visit several stores. On the other hand, opting to buy it online means you can do so from the convenience of your home. Shopping online also means the ability to shop at any time of the day. Dr Medic is an online store that stocks a wide range of masks, especially for those who wish to travel. We stock masks for all in our eCommerce store, kids, sports people, and other family members. This includes marks like the KN95 one and those with a filter.


It is still important to wear masks due to the recent variants of Covid-19. It is necessary for all to wear a mask; those who are vaccinated and those who are yet to be. It is a good practice to buy your masks from an online store. It is more convenient and you are likely to find what you are looking for faster. Dr Medic is one such eCommerce store where you can buy a mask online. We stock a wide range of masks and also have the 3ply face mask for sale.

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