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Top 7 Masks To Stay Safe During Pandemic

Top 7 Masks To Stay Safe During Pandemic

The global pandemic of Covid-19 is not as big a threat as it was a year ago. More people are vaccinated thus reducing the risk. It is still a good idea to continue to wear masks, in fact, CDC recommends that all the medical personnel wear an N95 mask to stay safe.

The fact that there are several variants of the Covid-19 virus is also a matter of concern. Continuing to wear masks and maintaining social distance can keep you safe. This article provides some tips on how to select the best mask.

Tips to Pick A Face Masks

  • The N95 mask is a popular one and is likely that most people have heard of it. It provides a high degree of protection from COVID-19.
  • The N95 mask filters 95% of the harmful substances. It is effective in keeping one safe and also preventing the spread of the virus.
  • The surgical mask also offers a certain degree of protection against the virus. This type of mask is used by doctors, nurses, and surgeons and has a varied rating levels. These masks are effective in protecting against droplets in the air, liquid splash, etc. 
  • The KN95 mask offers similar protection as the N95 does. However, this is manufactured to Chinese standards compared to the N95 one which is made to American standards. Although it is not recommended for doctors, it does provide a high level of protection and can be used by others. 
  • Several online stores also stock cloth face masks. This too is effective in preventing the spread of viruses to some extent. 

Common Cloth Face Masks Materials

When it comes to a cloth mask it is important to check the material to ensure it provides the necessary protection. The best material for a cloth face mask includes Chiffon, Cotton, and natural silk. Cotton has a tighter weave and has a higher thread count. It happens to be comparatively more protective. Opting for multiple-layer masks is beneficial since these are more effective.

Wearing A Face Masks Right

The first step is to select the right mask. You can do so based on the several tips provided in this article. Dr Medic is the best place to shop for masks. We are an eCommerce store stocking a wide range of masks including disposable masks, N95 Masks, kids masks, and many more to keep you safe.

It is important to keep in mind that the mask you wear should fit tight. A loose-fitting mask does not serve the purpose. For example, the N95 masks are not available in a small size for kids hence it is not advisable for them. The ideal mask is one that covers the face from the nose to the chin. You can buy a good mask from the Dr Medic website online. 


It is still important to wear a mask to protect yourself from the COVID-19 virus and the recent variants of COVID-19. Dr Medic is the ideal eCommerce store to buy a mask.

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