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Tips On Selecting Masks for The Entire Family - Dr Medic

Tips On Selecting Masks for The Entire Family

Face masks are still recommended to remain safe in public places. As per CDC, all medical personnel should ideally wear N95 masks.  It is also a good practice for others to use a mask and maintain social distance. However, it is not vital they also use an N95 mask. There are several other types of masks they can use. Using masks is a good precaution and there are many different types of masks one can buy to keep their family safe as explained in this article.

Essential Tips To Select Masks

  • Reusable face-covering helps prevent particles from entering your mouth or nose. They are also reusable, cost-effective, and can be washed.
  • A surgical face mask like the N95 one filters 98% of the particles. 
  • There are kids face masks and adult face masks available for various purposes. 
  • Every state and region is likely to have different rules regarding the type of masks children require. It is a good idea to consult these rules when buying one.
  • Adults have the option of wearing many different types of masks like reusable, disposable, N95, KN95, cloth masks, etc.
  • Pick a mask that is comfortable to use and easy to breathe in. It should ideally cover your mouth, nose, and chin.
  • It is a good practice to ensure you wear your masks properly at all times. It should ideally cover your nose and mouth and be tucked under your chin. The loops should be secure around the ear.
  • A mask left unused for a long time might become unusable. It might also become unstable to wear and tear.

Essential Tips To Select Masks

Facts & Statistics

  • A face mask can expire
  • Put on the mask after first ensuring your hands are hygienic.
  • Disposable masks should ideally be changed once they become moist.
  • The global market for masks in 2018 was 32.76 Billion USD
  • More than 93% use face masks in the USA (2020).

Benefits of Buying Masks Online

Buying masks online is highly beneficial since it can be purchased from the convenience of your home and that too at any time of the day. You can browse through the various options and also do your research on the web. Dr Medic is the ideal place to buy a mask online. This is an eCommerce store that has a wide range of masks for sale including those for children and sports masks. Some of the types of masks you can buy here include N95, KN95 masks, or reusable face masks, and many more.


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