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Should You Need to Wear a Face Mask Even After Getting Wholly Vaccinated?

Should You Need to Wear a Face Mask Even After Getting Wholly Vaccinated?

Nowadays, wearing Facemask has become mandatory for everyone. Whether you are vaccinated or not, you have to wear a facemask.

Expert says that if you're vaccinated doesn't mean there is no chance of getting COVID virus.

Although vaccinated people have less chance of being infected with COVID-19, as per the state government guidelines, fully vaccinated people should Wear Facemasks when going outside and maintain physical distancing in public places.

Why do you need to wear a Facemask after getting fully vaccinated?

Wearing a mask is an essential part of our daily lives. Now sporting a show has become a habit of most people. But people who get vaccinated might think there is no need to wear masks now. But the experts suggest that everyone, whether vaccinated or not, should Wear Facemask and follow all measures to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus.

This article will discuss the crucial reasons behind the need to wear masks after vaccination.

Vaccine generally takes time to kick in the body: If you take a vaccine and expect that effectiveness will reach 95% on the same day. But generally, it takes around two weeks to reach 95% effectiveness after getting the second dose of a vaccine

If you're going to vaccinate for the first dose, you get a partial immune response, but after taking the second dose of the vaccine, you can get 95% effectiveness, which is necessary to protect you from COVID-19.

COVID-19 vaccines do not provide 100% protection: 

Although the vaccines are incredibly effective and provide more than 95% protection from viruses.

But for the 5%, you need to follow all precautions, and the state authorities provide COVID-19 guidelines.

Vaccinated people might be asymptomatic spreaders:

The COVID-19 vaccine mainly prevents illness and increases immunity. Experts believe that vaccinated people have comparatively less risk of getting the COVID-19 virus. But Experts also believe that vaccinated people also have a chance of getting infected with the coronavirus. 

Mostly vaccinated people are asymptomatic. That's why it becomes mandatory to wear a Facemask whether you are vaccinated or not. Suppose you are completely vaccinated, and you don't wear a mask and go outside, and you may get infected with coronavirus, and you have no symptoms. Then it becomes difficult to diagnose COVID-19. Wearing a mask not only protects your life but also protects your family as well as society.


As we are aware that COVID-19 is generally spread through the air. If we cover our noses and mouth properly, the chance of getting infected becomes comparatively less. Every country's government provides mandatory guidelines to its citizens, and as a responsible citizen, you need to follow them to help the nation to fight against COVID-19 and protect everyone's lives.

Countries are forcing citizens to get vaccinated as soon as possible to prevent coronavirus transmission in the country and the world.

But many countries have failed in the vaccination and don't hit the necessary vaccination rate.

Getting vaccinated not only reduces the chance of getting COVID-19, but the vaccine also improves our immune system. So as a responsible citizen, you have to Wear a Facemask when you go outside or in public places, whether you are vaccinated or not.

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