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Reasons To Wear Mask As A Precaution

Reasons To Wear Mask As A Precaution

A facemasks is highly effective in protecting one from external elements that might be airborne. When appropriately worn, they cover the mouth and nose fully. They effectively protect the person from droplets, sprays, airborne germs, or large harmful particles. They effectively filter the air you breathe. There are many different types of masks, and each has its unique set of benefits.  

We have all had our fair share of wearing masks during the COVID-19. outbreak. However, there are many more benefits of wearing masks, and this article provides more information on the benefits of wearing masks as a precaution. 

Top Reasons to Wear a Mask

  • Wearing a mask helps reduce the transmission of airborne viruses. 
  • The type of mask you wear dictates the level of protection. For e.g., a surgical mask and cloth mask do the job but are not very effective; they can only prevent 70% of transmission.
  • It is also highly effective in preventing others from getting sick.
  • It can prevent you from getting sick since a mask will protect you from the infectious droplets coming from other people.
  • Wearing a decent mask is a good method of maintaining good hygiene as well.
  • Face masks are for kids, adults, sports, and medical professionals.
  • It is highly beneficial for medical professionals to wear a mask, e.g., a surgical mask or an N95 mask
  • It is ideal for people feeling sick to avoid transmission of the virus.
  • While traveling by public transport, one should protect themselves by wearing masks as a precaution.
  • Crowded places like a theatre or music venue are high-risk places since they are closed, thus increasing chances of transmission hence an excellent place to keep your masks on. The same applies to visiting supermarkets or going shopping.

Stocking up on good quality masks from a reputed firm is advisable. Buying it online is more convenient and economical. It helps save the trouble of having to travel to the store or spend time visiting multiple stores. It is possible to perform your research online and buy good masks online. Dr. Medic is one such eCommerce store that stocks a wide range of masks. In fact, we sell nothing but masks for personal safety.

Dr. Medic stocks a wide range of masks, including the KN95, which is highly effective in keeping one safe. We stock high-quality masks to protect you from any type of viral infection. Some of the popular masks that we stock include the KN95 mask, 3 PLY disposable, Kids KF94, FuturePPE Mesh Sports Face mask with 5 layers, Kinds KN95 mask, toddlers face masks, cotton cloth face mask, and many more.


Masks play a big role in keeping us safe. There are many different types of masks and also several special-purpose ones like that for sports, kids, etc. It is a good practice to buy good quality masks online and use them in crowded places or when sick. This is an excellent preventive measure. Dr. Medic is an eCommerce store that stocks various masks like KN95. 

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