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Are Masks Effective at Protecting Against COVID-19 and its Variants? - Dr Medic

Are Masks Effective at Protecting Against COVID-19 and its Variants?

Almost all of us have become familiar with wearing masks of the many types of masks available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A face mask is personal protection equipment that can protect us by filtering harmful particles we breathe. Although the COVID-19 pandemic threat has almost come to an end, there are still several variants that are a cause for concern. This article provides more information on different types of masks, like sports masks, etc., and how effective they are against COVID-19.

How Effective Are Masks Against COVID-19?

Many types of masks help protect against the COVID-19 virus. However, there are several variants, including the Omicron variant and delta variant, that still require us to wear a mask to remain safe while in a public place. 

There are many different masks, like disposable masks, etc., one can wear as a precautionary measure to stay safe from these variants. Listed here are the masks and their effectiveness:

  • N95 Mask: This is a mask that is recommended by the CDC for front-line workers. It offers a high degree of protection against the COVID-19 virus and several other variants as well. They filter 95% of particles present in the air, which is the equivalent of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • KN95 Mask: KN95 mask is also very effective and the next best option, with the ability to filter 95% of the particles as well. The main difference between N95 and KN95 is that N95 is made to American standards while KN95 is made to Chinese standards.
  • Surgical Mask: This, too, is a comfortable mask, and as the name suggests, it is a medical mask. They are effective in preventing splashes and preventing transmission of viruses in the air. However, they are not the most comfortable mask to wear, and they fit poorly with several gaps around the nose and side of the face.
  • Masks with valves: These masks are also good and protect one from virus particles in the air. However, these are not recommended by CDC or the World Health Organization.

Where To Buy Good Quality Masks?

Dr Medic is an eCommerce store that stocks a wide range. In fact, we exclusively sell masks, especially the kind that help protect against the COVID-19 disease and its variants.

We began supplying high-quality masks at the start of the pandemic. Dr Medic is still the best place to buy a good quality mask. Buying online helps save time and money and is also the more comfortable option.


There are many types of masks, and not all are effective in protecting against the CoronaVirus. Dr Medic is an eCommerce store that stocks a wide range of masks like the N95, KN95 mask, and many more. We exclusively sell high-quality adult face masks to protect against COVID-19 and its variants.

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