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All You Need To Know About Masks

All You Need To Know About Masks

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected countries all around the world including the USA. The good news is that the vaccine is effective and helps prevent the spread of the virus, which has brought some respite. It is still a good practice to use a face maskespecially for medical staff since they are most vulnerable.

There are many types of masks however, the N95 mask is recommended for medical personnel. Those traveling in low-risk places can opt for the other types of masks. The number of CoronaVirus cases is on the decline and there is also research being conducted on a special medicine for this. In fact, one was recently approved in the UK. A mask is highly effective in preventing the spread of diseases; this article provides more information reading this.

Is it Still Essential to Wear a Mask?

It is best to verify if there is a need to wear a mask by checking the local guidelines given by the Government. With an increasing number of people getting vaccinated, it is possible for those who are vaccinated to remove their masks indoors. It is also safe for them to be outdoors in places with low or no risk without a mask.

However, it is a good precautionary measure to wear your masks when outdoors. There are often spikes in the number of Covid-19 cases and this can help you stay safe. 

Type of masks to wear?

There are many types of masks hence it is quite an understandable one can be confused about the right one to wear. Some of the popular masks include a simple cloth mask, KN95, N95, 3Ply disposable mask, reusable face masks, and many more. The CDC recommends that all medical personnel wear an N95 mask since this is certified as per American standards. The KN95 mask is also effective however it is not made to American standards, rather it is made to Chinese standards. It is useful for low-risk areas.

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