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Face Masks and Festivals: How to Stay Safe While Having Fun

Face Masks and Festivals: How to Stay Safe While Having Fun

Nowadays, facemasks have become an essential part of everyone's lives. Facemasks generally help to prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading. Everyone should understand that Mask is a crucial thing that helps protect us from coronavirus. Especially if you are going in public places or crowded areas, wearing a facemask becomes mandatory.

Many of us have seen people in public places such as supermarkets, parks, and railway stations who do not wear facemasks. Only a few people in public or crowded places are wearing masks, while others are not.

If you are a responsible citizen, then you should wear a Facemask and follow all precautionary measures which are provided by the state governments and authorities of your country.

If you do not wear a Facemask, then you not only do wrong with yourself but at the same time put your family life at risk. If you want to save the lives of your loved ones, then you should wear a Facemask when you go outside or in public places.

What Are Different Types of Masks? 

N95 respirator: is generally a tight-fitting single-use mask mainly made with synthetic materials. These masks are best because they filter out almost 95% of both big airborne droplets and also aerosols.

Surgical masks: Surgical masks are single use loose-fitting masks made with more than three layers of synthetic materials. These masks can easily filter out big airborne particles, but these masks fail to prevent small aerosols. Surgical masks are also known as medical masks in some countries or areas.

Fabric masks: One of the main advantages of fabric masks is that they are reusable. These masks are the most widely used.

Tips To Wear Facemask correctly:

Wearing a mask helps reduce the transmission of germs and protect you from the COVID-19 virus.

If you wear a Facemask while going outside, by doing this, you save not only your life but also your family as well as your community. Here we discussed some important steps you should need to follow up on while putting on and taking off masks.

Steps you need to follow when putting on a mask:

  • First, wash your hands with soap or sanitizer.
  • Before wearing a mask, always make sure that it is properly clean.
  • Don't wear it if you have a dirty or damaged Mask
  • Make sure that Mask is properly covering your mouth, nose, and chin and that there are no gaps on the sides.
  • Always make sure that it is comfortable to breathe.

Steps You Need To Follow When taking off a mask:

  • First, wash your hands properly with soap before taking off your Facemask.
  • Always avoid touching the front side of the Mask while taking it off the Mask.
  • If you wear a fabric mask, wash it after use and keep it in a clean bag.
  • If you wear a surgical mask, you should dispose of it properly in a closed dustbin after use.


A mask alone, even when it is used in a proper way, is insufficient to prevent COVID-19 transmission. But you need to follow other measures as well, such as physical distancing, proper hand sanitizing or hang hygiene, avoiding touching one's face and avoiding public places, adequate ventilation, and so on. Together these measures can effectively prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

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